Global Leading Customized Li-ion Battery Solutions and Products Provider
Why use Tuorde Lithium-ion Batteries?

Long life, high capacity and excellent safety ensure an advanced energy storage solution for modern applications.

Unlike other lithium ion battery companies, Tuorde Technology offers safety in addition to lithium-ion battery advantages, ensuring no memory effect, high C-rate capability, superior energy storage and maintenance-free usability.

But other lithium-ion battery companies do not have Tuorde’s unique technology advantages:

? Cycle life 3-4 times that of lithium cobalt with deep cycling life at 100% DoD
? Reduced battery size & pack weight delivering better payloads
? Fast charging capability enabling higher cycles per day
? Excellent safety. Lithium-ion battery products that have been subjected to a puncture or short-circuit will heat up and can suffer a thermal runaway event
? Advanced monitoring and control logic through Tuorde Battery Management System
? Our batteries are manufactured in standard industry module dimensions and supported by global application engineering support teams
? A group of professional sales and service team, whether questions pre-sale or warranty after-sale, you always get a satisfactory answer

What Can We Do ?

Tuorde owns an R & D team composed by several Ph.Ds, cooperating with universities, has achieved remarkable products in lithium-ion battery integrated system, battery management system, etc. Our company provides customized lithium-ion battery solutions and products which are widely used in military, Medical , financial, industrial , communications, security , transportation , logistics , mining and consumer electronics field, etc.. Our products pass UL, UN, CE, IEC62133, PSE certified.

Tuorde holds an ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18001 certification, which is only given to companies with the highest quality management practices. We have a long successful history making Li-Ion batteries, we own our entire supply chain, ensuring that we can enforce our high quality standards along every step of the manufacturing process.