Global Leading Customized Li-ion Battery Solutions and Products Provider


Since the Corporation established, Tuorde was stress on integrating specialized products the entirety production and marketing flow path. Moreover, Tuorde think over push the market demand entry research and development system. The combination of marketing strategic from production & manufacture system and market service. Also, we will provide high outstanding quality, on time delivery , cost performance, total solution service and flexible production capacity support to customers.


Quality Statement

Fully implementing ISO-9001 quality system. Prior job training enables all staffs to fully understand special manufacturing process with attention to meet quality specification. We deliver what we have committed to our customers for long-term growth of the company.


The Policies of Environmental and Occupational Safe Hygiene (ISO14000 / OHSAS18001)

Follow the related statutory regulations of environment and occupational safe hygiene, to ensure the quality of environment and the safety of labor.

Fulfill the ideals of sustaining improvement, to decrease the risk exposure and environmental endanger.
Reinforce the controls and precautions of pollutant and risk.

Follow the standard operation procedures, to safeguard the health and safety of employees.


Company Policy

Creativity - Continuous development on new technology and system to improve product design and quality. 
Technology - Using leading edge technology to increase efficiency and give better technical support to customers. 
Quality - Implementing T.Q.M(Total Quality Management) and ISO 9001 System program. 
Service - Assure competitive price, quality and reliability of products. -Keep on time delivery.