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What are the methods of overcharge control?
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In order to prevent the battery overcharge, you need to control the end of the charge, when the battery is full, there will be some special information can be used to determine whether the end of the charge. There are six ways to prevent the battery from being overcharged:
1. Peak voltage control: by detecting the peak voltage of the battery to determine the end of the charge;
2. dT / dt control: by detecting the peak temperature of the battery rate of change to determine the end of the charge;
3. T control: the battery is fully charged when the temperature and ambient temperature difference will reach the maximum;
4. -V control: When the battery is fully charged to reach a peak voltage, the voltage will drop a certain value 5. Timing control: by setting a certain charging time to control the charging end, the general set to charge the nominal capacity of 130% Need time to control;
6. TCO control: consider the safety and characteristics of the battery should avoid high temperature (except high-temperature battery) charge, so when the battery temperature should be 60 to stop charging.

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