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  • Road Lighting Battery

    Road Lighting Battery

    Tuorde Companies focus on the development of energy storage market areas include: solar lighting, wind and solar lights, household energy storage systems.?

    Traffic lighting, road monitoring application solutions:?

    ??- Daytime solar street light under the control of the intelligent controller, the solar panel through the sunlight, the absorption of solar energy and converted into electrical energy, solar modules during the day to the lithium battery p

  • Battery Solution for Flaw Detector Backup Power

    Battery Solution for Flaw Detector Backup Power

    Foreword: Flaw Detector, a portable industrial non-destructive flaw detector, can detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose a variety of defects (Welds, cracks, inclusions, folding, porosity, blisters, etc.) with the features of quick, easy, no damage, and exactness in Laboratory as well as construction site. In addition, it can be used in manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, metal processing industry, chemical industry to detect defects and control quali

  • Fiber Splicer Backup Battery Solution

    Fiber Splicer Backup Battery Solution

    Foreword: Optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly applied to the production testing in the big operator companies, engineering companies, enterprises and public institutions of the optical fiber cable line construction, line maintenance, emergency repair and optical fiber devices, and research as well as teaching in the scientific research institutions. The equipment is mainly fused the two optical fiber ends by the release of the electric arc, in the meanw

  • Smart Battery Solution for Testing Instrument

    Smart Battery Solution for Testing Instrument

    In recent years, due to rapid development of lithium battery, remaining battery capacity on portable products has been evaluated by voltage measurements, however, their relationship varies according to discharge rate, temperature and battery’s aging degree. In this way, error rate can reach 50%. Because of growing market demand for longer use time, more precise solutions are required during design. Using smart battery fuel gauge IC to measure battery’s cha

  • Backup Power Solution for Ground-penetrating Radar Tester

    Backup Power Solution for Ground-penetrating Radar Tester

    With low energy density, heavy, inefficient discharge rate and non-ecofriendly features, lead acid battery is not satisfying as backup power for modern portable industry instruments. Thanks to high specific energy, light weigh, small size, long cycle life, high safety and consistent high-voltage, lithium battery pack have become the first choice to replace lead acid battery on industry instruments.

  • Design of electric sweeping machine battery

    Design of electric sweeping machine battery

    Application Host Introduction:

    Push-type electric sweeping machine is a comprehensive broom, trash three functions in one of the new environmentally friendly products. Push-type electric sweeping machine with the following characteristics:

    1, no energy, use without bending, hand can start all the features, the garbage easily received trash;

    ? 2, easy to operate, you can rotate 360 degrees, clean all over the various corners of the room; energy

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